Monday, July 2, 2012

He's my FRIEND...

   Everythings a blur that night. I remember laughing, talking and basically having a great time with him. But what stands out the most in my mind is the feeling I got while we were staring at each other. It was the feeling that this was right. This was how things should be. Funny how I never relly thought about it before, but it was then and there that I knew I was falling in love with him. It was a perfect night. But when I got home, I was on such a high from how I felt, and I kept on thinking about the possibilities of being with him again. Days passed  by and since he leave me a question that I can't figure out if he's a keeper and he's worthy of holding my hand, but he did hold my hand the night we had a date. Oh, did I say date?

  We were texting each other everyday and everytime his name pops up on my phone, I couldn't help but draw a smile on my lips. I even stalked his facebook account just to see his cute face, like his status, comments on his status which turns out my day complete.

  But there's a light problem. He's my friend.

  I even took a quiz on Candy Magazine just to know if we perfectly fit with each other. You want to know the result? Here it is: "Your type of guy has great taste. You'll enjoy the movie-dinner date, and find yourself chatting till the wee hours of the morning because of common interests. Get set  to be surprised with unique, homemade presents." I feel like WOW! That's my kind of cutie and sounds so sweet, so perfect, so romantic.

  Oh my! Oh my! Evrytime I think of him, I feel like I'm out of myself. But there's a problem, how can I make sure that someone doesn't own him? That someone doesn't steal his heart before I do?

  Oh no! I'm gonna be faint...

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