Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well, this past few days I kept on taking pictures with myself and I guess that would the concept of my blog. You can see different pose of me, attitude and everything that is all about me. Hmm.. next project will be my own fashion style.That's all for now. CIAO!

P.S-tilt your head a bit on the right side :D


This photo was taken by my friend using my phone. It's kinda stolen coz I really dont know that he's taking pictures.
PaCUTE, nagapapaCUTE and some sort of paCUTE. hehehe. Well, this is me.
 In the heat of summer sunshine! Just nothin to do so I grab the hat and *CLICK* it goes.
After work!
On my way to Gaisano Mall to meet my cousin and eat dinner.
This picture was taken during All Saints Day. And I am working on holidays.
INOSENTE de TI??? wweeeee??
When I was a student, my teacher used to scold me when I am late.NOW. I get angry when MY STUDENTS are late. :D
Got my new haircut and hair color. Thanks to CUT & BLOWER!