Thursday, November 22, 2012


This photo was taken by my friend using my phone. It's kinda stolen coz I really dont know that he's taking pictures.
PaCUTE, nagapapaCUTE and some sort of paCUTE. hehehe. Well, this is me.
 In the heat of summer sunshine! Just nothin to do so I grab the hat and *CLICK* it goes.
After work!
On my way to Gaisano Mall to meet my cousin and eat dinner.
This picture was taken during All Saints Day. And I am working on holidays.
INOSENTE de TI??? wweeeee??
When I was a student, my teacher used to scold me when I am late.NOW. I get angry when MY STUDENTS are late. :D
Got my new haircut and hair color. Thanks to CUT & BLOWER!

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