Sunday, March 29, 2015


Charles is rich. He can buy all the the things he want, from branded shirts, shoes and bags. He can eat at an expensive restaurant.

Diana is poor. She doesn't have all the money to buy the things she want. She only wears cheap clothes, shoes and bags but her things are neat and clean. She doesn't have enough money to eat in a fancy restaurant.

The two accidentally met on facebook and  became friends since they found out that they are living California. 

Diana was able to finish her bachelors degree in Management and decided to work in New York since one of the company wants to hire her while Charles is a happy-go-lucky boy in California and owns a very famous restaurant. They usually see each other since Charles also travels to New York once in a while. 

Diana worked for 4 years in New York until one day she doesn't want to work in that company anymore because of her new boss. She told Charles about it. Since the restaurant that Charles own needs a new staff, he asked Diana if she wants to work in his restaurant. She thinks of her expenses, she would be able to save a lot since she will not pay for her house and food. Diana accepted the job Charles is offering.

Now, Charles help Diana with her things to move back to their hometown in California. He also helped her on what to do in his restaurant. Diana is a waitress. She worked only in the morning but sometimes she worked overtime. Charles was so fond of Diana because she is dedicated to her work. She meet a lot of regular customers and also some of his friends.

Diana continue to work in his restaurant for over a year already until she was accused of the crime she didn't made. She was accused that she stole the money from the cashier's drawer.

Charles was so mad that he decided and told Diana not to report in the restaurant the following day. She was a bit curious and puzzled for she didn't know what she did until late in the evening Charles posted a status on Facebook that there is somebody who is stealing his money and he is very angry. She read all the comment and it was like all of their mutual friends are referring to her eventhough Diana's name was not mentioned. 

On the next day, Charles posted again a status on Facebook asking, who wants to work in his restaurant. Diana assumed that she cannot worked in his restaurant anymore. 

From then, Diana kept on calling and leaving vioce mails to Charls asking what was the post all about and what is his problem with her but he didn't mind her phone calls and voice messages. She cried not because Charles' isn't talking to her but because she was accused of the crime she didn't do.

Diana decided to leave and not to work in his restaurant anymore. Charles' is still posting on Facebook about what happen but still not talking to Diana. He jumped into conclusion without asking or confirming to her if she was the one who stole the money. 

She kept on praying and hoping that God would be able to touch Charles' cold heart and talk to her and clarify everything.

The friendship was gone. The friendship was over. All those years of friendship was like a dust, a dust that was blown away by the wind.

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