Sunday, March 29, 2015

PAANO BA 'TO? How To Survive Growing Up by Bianca Gonzalez (A book review)

"In every setback, there is a chance for a comeback. In every adversity, there is an oppurtunity." -Paano Ba 'To

Marami ka bang mga katanungan sa buhay mo katulad nalang sa lovelife, sa mga magulang mo, sa pag-aaral, sa mga kaibigan?

Marami ka bang mga katanungan ngunit wala kang mapagsumbungan? Nahihiya kang sabihin sa mga classmates mo dahil baka pagtawanan ka? Natatakot kang sabihin sa parents mo dahil iniisip mo na magagalit sila?

Marami kang mga katanungan tungkol sa mga bagay-bagay but you choose to keep it dahil wala kang mapagsumbungan.

This book will probably if not will help you atleast it may ease the pain and lessen the questions you are asking with yourself. From life to parents to school to failures in life. From friendship to fashion and beauty to what is really our purpose in this world.

PAANO BA 'TO? HOW TO SURVIVE GROWING UP by Bianca Gonzalez is a book and a guide sa lahat ng mga kabataan. Hindi naman sa masasagot lahat ng mga katanungan mo but it may serve as an inspiration.

I'm going to share to you some of my favorite lines from the book:

"All our emotions are useful and are there for a reason. If you realize that the sadness is there to allow you to grieve, give yourself a timeable. Give yourself a day or two or even a week to just let it all out. Then get up, dust yourself off and just keep moving."

"Learn from the past as you look behind you and take the lessons you need to learn from them."

"Nurture your spirit so that when you are bullied for your weakness, real or perceived, the injury is not fatal and you have a chance to heal. Feed your spirit with surrender, contentment, trust and love."

These are just some of the answers and stories that gives me an inspiration in my life. It didn't answer my question in life ngunit nagkaroon naman ako ng lakas ng loob para harapin ang mga hamon ng buhay. Nabuhayan ako ng loob na hindi lang pala ako ang mga gaanon kalakinng problema sa buhay but there are also some people evn actors and actresses and some famous persons.

To Ms. Bianca Gonzalez, thank you so much for writing this book (and for the free stickers). It really help and guide me to walk in this really crazy, wonderful and so adventurous world. God bless you and more power.

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